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Lens Technology

Anti-Reflective Lenses

This coating applied to lenses allows the maximum amount of light to enter the eyes, providing the clearest and sharpest vision. Non-glare lenses are very effective in relieving eyestrain associated with computer use and reducing glare of headlights and streetlights, increasing safety while driving at night.

Crizal® Premium Non-Glare Lenses

Crizal ®Non-Glare Lenses have all the advantages of anti-reflective, non-glare lenses with the added benefit of being built into the lens. This allows for optimum scratch resistance and ease of cleaning, increasing the life of the lens.

Transitions® Lenses

These lenses have the dual benefit of being clear indoors and getting dark in direct sunlight. Transitions® lenses provide 100% protection from damaging ultra-violet rays and are perfect for active lifestyles including golfers.




Polarized Lenses

These specialty lenses are highly recommended for fishing and water sports and highly effective in reducing daytime glare.

Varilux® Premium Progressive Lenses

At Shettle Vision we are happy to offer the best optical products in the industry and Varilux® products are no exception. Made with the latest technological advances in no-line bifocal lens design and digitally enhanced with W.A.V.E. Technology™ using high powered lasers, these custom-made premium lenses feature the sharpest progressive vision available. Varilux®Premium Progressive lenses offer the minimum amount of unwanted distortion to correct vision at near, far, and everywhere in between to provide the most natural vision.