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Dry Eye Consultation

Dry Eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome affects millions of people worldwide. While many people associate the thought of dry eyes with various symptoms of ocular discomfort such as dryness, grittiness or burning, most people do not realize that in order to have normal vision, it is critical to have sufficient quantity of healthy tears on the surface of the eye at all times.

dry-eyeDry Eye is an eye condition in which there is a deficiency of the tear film due to either an insufficient production of one’s own natural tears or an excessive evaporation of tears. In either case alone, or in situations where both problems are present, there is a resulting lack of tear film quantity and often a loss of tear film quality. This then causes the eye surface to become compromised.

Fortunately at Shettle Vision, through our dry eye examination and consultation, Dr. Shettle can provide you with different treatment options to leave your eyes feeling refreshed and comfortable, even patients who spend many hours on the computer each day. Punctal plugs are also a successful last resort treatment option in the fight against dry eye. This painless procedure can be performed in-office and provide relief to our patients from redness, grittiness and dryness just hours later.